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"Montagnes et Deserts" Program

The program “Montagnes et Déserts” was created in order to encourage passion for nature in a responsible way. Our aim is to perfect the knowledge of tour leaders; as a result we created training sessions to instruct tour guides in mountains and deserts. Improved knowledge of nature leads to a superior respect resulting in added protection for the environment. Our instructors provide expertise in the various aspects adventure tourism to give added knowledge to local tour leaders and guides.

Our goals

Our training program has many obvious advantages for a country, its villages, sites, and communities. Knowledgeable tour leaders will increase the volume of guided trips to rural and desert areas creating job opportunities, and encouraging improvement of the rural and desert infrastructure. Local communities are also supported in safeguarding their heritage to become more aware of its uniqueness.
Tourists traveling to discover a country in the company of a “Montagnes et Déserts” trained tour guide will also experience added benefits. Visitors will learn more about the country and its environment, history, inhabitants, heritage and culture, thus promoting mutual understanding.

Our mission

Our mission is to know and protect the nature and culture of a country and to contribute to the sustainable development of the mountains and the deserts. We aim to:
  • Create a new profession in the Middle East: the mountain and desert guide
  • Avoid the harmful effects of tourism in mountains and deserts
  • Guarantee safeguarding rules
  • Raise awareness of local communities regarding their heritage
  • Create financial opportunities to  the rural inhabitants
  • Improve the contact between travellers and the local comminity
  • Advance the growing responsible tourism sector

Our actions

“Montagnes et Déserts” contributes towards guaranteeing
an outstanding, professional approach towards the traveller and our programmes include:
  • Introduction program
  • Rural and desert development
  • Familiarization with the local population
  • Event organizing
  • Mountain and desert guide training
  • Mountain and desert rescue squad training


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