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Our Partners

The TLB Group is made up of TLB Destinations (incoming tour operator for Lebanon, Syria and Jordan), Cyclamen (responsible awareness trips in Lebanon) and CIFA, a non-profit organisation.

Keen to give something back to the community in September 2005, TLB Destinations founded CIFA (Centre pour l’Insertion par la Formation et l’Activité) and launched training programs to focus on the linkages between tourism, conservation and sustainable development, all within the movement for responsible tourism.

TLB Destinations was founded in 1995. Over the years it has established strong and solid relationships with it’s partners in the industry, working together on a long term basis. TLB’s mission is to create travel opportunities promoting mutual understanding and respect as well as offering visitors an insight into the country’s archaeology, nature, history, heritage, culture and gastronomy .This mission has proven to be on the right track towards creating a sustainable environment for the rural areas and their communities.

Cyclamen’s focus is to organise responsible activities in Lebanon to participate and contribute to the development  across regions to unite communities. Cyclamen also organises events and trips  for all to increase awareness of environmental and social issues, heritage, culture and biodiversity.


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