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CIFA (Centre pour l'Insertion par la Formation et l'Activite) was founded in collaboration with the French association “sapaef 94” (Actions Emplois Formations 94), an active profession orientated training provider since 1987, in order to provide new job opportunities for the unemployed in Lebanon.

Established in September 2005 by tour operator TLB Destinations, CIFA has initiated training programs which focus on the linkages between tourism, conservation and sustainable development, all within the movement for responsible tourism. CIFA also supports and creates projects to provide motivation, income and livelihood for members of the local community, with a focus on rural regions. In collaboration with responsible tour operator CYCLAMEN we organize outings for city kids to discover the natural and cultural heritage of rural regions.


Tour Leader Training Program  2010 With limited job opportunities currently we encourage unemployed to participate in training sessions held by CIFA. The courses are aimed at contributing to the quality and efficiency of services provided by tour leaders in the region. For more details and to register for the next training please contact us. CIFA training is given by  instructors with several years of experience in the sector of responsible tourism.

Read more in the press: http://www.eturbonews.com/9674/lebanon-looks-forward-new-tourism-opportunities

 Objectives of CIFA training programs:

  • Contribute to job opportunities for unemployed in the Middle East
  • Raise awareness of local communities regarding their heritage
  • Create financial opportunities to rural communities
  • Improve the contact between travelers and local communities
  • Advance the growing responsible tourism sector
  • Avoid the harmful effects of tourism in mountains and deserts
  • Guarantee safeguarding standards


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